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Vinyl Fences


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Harsh New England winters can take a toll on traditional wood fences, and keeping them up can get to be a hassle. If you are looking for something that is virtually maintenance-free and will have that “just like new” look for years to come, it’s worth taking a look at Vinyl Fencing (also known as PVC). Check out our Vinyl Fence Photo Gallery.

We offer Master Halco Illusions quality vinyl products with long warranties. To take a look at the available styles and read more about the manufacturer, click on one of the 2 downloadable brochures below.


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– Illusions Series

Click for Brochure (16.7 mb)

We now carry the Master Halco Illusions Series full product line. Ship time is 2 to 4 weeks.


download brochure Master Halco

– In Stock Styles

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In a hurry? These popular products ship immediately & we can have them in a couple of days, not weeks.


Check out a big box vinyl fence installation

(and why you don’t want that) here.

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